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Virtual tours in the hospitality sector provide a dynamic and engaging way for guests to explore and evaluate properties remotely. They improve transparency, facilitate better decision-making, and enhance the overall guest experience.


The City Pub Group



The City Pub Group

The City Pub Group is a prominent hospitality company known for its collection of vibrant and distinctive pubs across the United Kingdom. Each pub within their portfolio embodies a unique character and ambiance, blending contemporary flair with a nod to tradition. The City Pub Group is dedicated to providing memorable social spaces where guests can relax, socialise, and savor the vibrant pub culture that is an integral part of British heritage. To date, Tourable have produced over 30 virtual tours across the City Pub Group estate.

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Why Tourable

  • Recognising the importance of showcasing their private function rooms in a captivating and convenient way, The City Pub Group has turned to Tourable's virtual tours for an innovative solution.

  • By utilising Tourable's technology, The City Pub Group can offer potential clients and event organizers an immersive virtual experience of their private function rooms across their estate.

  • This cutting-edge approach allows visitors to explore the unique ambiance, layout, and amenities of each space from the comfort of their own homes.

  • By leveraging Tourable's virtual tours, The City Pub Group aims to attract and engage a wider audience, effectively promoting their private function rooms as ideal venues for memorable events and gatherings. 

Virtual Tours for Hospitality

  • Enhanced Booking Experience: Virtual tours enable potential guests to virtually walk through hotel rooms, suites, common areas, and amenities. They can assess the layout, decor, and ambiance, helping them make informed decisions during the booking process. This can lead to increased confidence and higher conversion rates.

  • Remote Accessibility: Virtual tours allow guests to virtually visit and explore hotels and resorts from anywhere in the world. This is particularly beneficial for international travellers who may not have the opportunity to physically visit the property before making a reservation. It expands the reach of the hospitality business and attracts a wider audience.​

  • Transparent and Accurate Representation: Virtual tours provide an authentic representation of the property, giving guests a realistic understanding of what to expect. It helps manage expectations, reduces the likelihood of negative surprises, and enhances guest satisfaction.

  • Event Planning and Conferences: Virtual tours can assist event planners in assessing venues for conferences, meetings, or weddings. They can virtually explore event spaces, banquet halls, and audiovisual capabilities, helping them visualize the layout and plan accordingly.

  • Travel Agencies and Online Platforms: Virtual tours can be utilised by travel agencies and online booking platforms to showcase accommodations and attract customers. By offering virtual tours, these platforms provide an added value to their customers, increasing engagement and customer satisfaction.

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