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Virtual tours offer a cost-effective and scalable solution to provide immersive experiences and enhance engagement within the medical health sector. They can improve patient satisfaction, optimise operational efficiency, and support healthcare professionals in delivering quality care.


St Luke's Hospice



St Luke's Hospice

St. Luke's Hospice Sheffield is a renowned healthcare institution located in Sheffield, England. Established in 1971, it is dedicated to providing specialied and compassionate end-of-life care for individuals with life-limiting illnesses. The hospice offers a range of services, including pain and symptom management, emotional support, counseling, and spiritual care, all aimed at enhancing the quality of life for patients and their families.

Working with Tourable couldn’t have been a smoother experience. The team were professional in their guidance and delivery of the project and they couldn’t have done more to help us get the work complete. Jonathan was a pleasure to work with and the output was second to none.

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Why Tourable

  • For St. Luke's Hospice, the virtual tour can showcase the compassionate and comforting environment they provide, allowing patients and their loved ones to familiarize themselves with the facilities and services available.

  • Virtual tours provide a unique opportunity to offer immersive and interactive experiences to patients, their families, and healthcare professionals.

  • Similarly, other medical institutions can utilize virtual tours to highlight their state-of-the-art medical equipment, specialized departments, and comforting spaces.

  • This technology can also be instrumental in educating and training healthcare professionals, allowing them to virtually explore different areas of the institution and enhance their knowledge and expertise.

  • By incorporating Tourable's virtual tours, St. Luke's Hospice and other medical institutions can enhance communication, accessibility, and transparency, ultimately improving the overall patient experience and facilitating effective healthcare delivery.


Virtual Tours for Medical Health

  • Patient Education: Virtual tours can be used to educate patients about medical facilities, such as hospitals, clinics, or specialized treatment centers. Patients can virtually explore different areas, understand the layout, and get familiar with the environment before their actual visit. This can help alleviate anxiety and improve patient experience.

  • Training and Education for Healthcare Professionals: Virtual tours can be used for training purposes, allowing healthcare professionals to familiarize themselves with various departments, specialized units, operating rooms, or emergency facilities. It can also aid in demonstrating specific procedures, medical equipment usage, and best practices.

  • Remote Consultations and Telemedicine: In the context of telemedicine and remote consultations, virtual tours can provide healthcare professionals with a visual understanding of a patient's home environment. This can assist in making better assessments, recommendations, and providing personalized care remotely.

  • Facility Planning and Design: Virtual tours can be used during the planning and design phases of healthcare facilities. Architects, designers, and facility managers can virtually navigate through different floor plans, evaluate workflows, and optimize the layout to enhance efficiency, patient flow, and accessibility.

  • Research and Collaboration: Virtual tours can facilitate remote collaboration among researchers, allowing them to virtually explore laboratory spaces, research facilities, or medical imaging centers. This can aid in sharing knowledge, discussing findings, and planning collaborative projects.

  • Public Health Initiatives: Virtual tours can be utilized to promote public health initiatives, such as showcasing vaccination centers, mobile health clinics, or public health campaigns. This can raise awareness, encourage participation, and facilitate access to healthcare services.

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